Fluorite is a mineral consisting of calcium fluorites (CaF2). Fluorite samples are classified according to their pureness in two industrial qualities: The acid-grade quality of fluorite contains more than 97% CaF2 and the metallurgical quality of fluorite contains less than 97% CaF2. fluorite in acid-grade and metallurgical quality is used for numerous applications.

Fluorite of acid-grade quality is the primary source of fluorine for the industry all over the world. It is used mainly for the manufacturing of the following products: Hydrofluoric acid (HF) – HF is used in different industrial branches.

About 60% of the HF is used as raw material for the production of fluorocarbon carriers such as CFC, HCFC, and HFC. These fluorocarbons are used primarily as coolants in air-conditioners and as a foam blowing agent/propellant for the production of polymers. HF also serves as a catalyst for the alkylation of crude oil, as cleaning agents and caustics in the semiconductor industry and for stripping stainless steel. Aluminium fluoride and synthetic cryolite – Both are critical raw materials for the electrolytic preparation of aluminium. 

Fluorite in metallurgical quality is used in general as a flux agent in steel production, in iron foundries and for iron alloys. Fluorite as a source of fluorides can hardly be replaced since there is no other profitable source known of this element. 


Worldwide supply


China and Mexico together undertake more than 70% of the worldwide production of fluorite. About 70% to 75% of the mined fluorite in the world belong to the acid-grade quality, and the rest is of metallurgical quality. China and Mexico produce both qualities. 


Quelle: Source: US Geological Survey 2015 MR Produktion Vorhersage & In-house Forschung A 2011 Report of the European Union named Fluorite as one of the “critical raw materials” for Europe in regard to the mineral economic importance and the concentration of the sources of supply.

APT price (Fluorite) 02.2018: 320.00 US $/MTU
Source: Geomin

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